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Welcome to PEDAL Consulting, a team of experts specialised in developing your business through all its phases.

PEDAL consultants defined a unique Business Life Cycle, a framework that classifies the different stages of a business and its stakeholders. It is composed of the five segments representing the PEDAL vision of activities perceived as fundamental to any entity or individual aiming to develop business ideas. 

The PEDAL Life Cycle can be thought of both as a sequence, moving from one segment clockwise to the next, and as standalone segments applicable to a concrete target group that aim to exploit concrete business ideas. Whether your needs and interests correspond to the early stages of business — that is, education (perceived as an investment), testing (business plans), and start-up (the establishment of your business) of your plans — or to a later stage like funding (tenders) and business development (projects), you will find our services as a vital input for boosting the growth of your business.

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07.07.2015 - New SEP Monitor "From Unicorns to Reality" released

The Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) in collaboration with PEDAL Consulting, Ud’Anet and CrESIT released the new SEP Monitor "From Unicorns to Reality: A five-country comparison of European ICT scaleups". 990 scaleups mapped, $23 billions raised and a key message: it is time to scale-up!

Download the SEP Monitor HERE .


About us

PEDAL is a management consulting firm with contact points in all EU member states. Believing in measurable results, PEDAL advisors are instructed to look at facts, and we do NOT necessarily say what our clients want to hear. PEDAL builds on simplicity, provides solutions, and creates opportunities.