24 workers with young people acquired skills in the field of impact evaluation

In February and March 2021, a blended-training program on impact evaluation of youth employment support actions was implemented in Slovakia. The training program, consisting of a toolkit, e-learning training and interactive and practical workshops was delivered to 24 participants divided into 2 groups of organizations:

  • non – profit organizations
  • representatives of local governments and organizations that fall under local governments.

Through the blended learning, participants had the opportunity to develop skills focused on the following areas:

  • How to plan your impact using the theory of change tool
  • What is the purpose of impact evaluation and how can you benefit from it
  • How to ask evaluation questions
  • What tools should be used for continuous learning from evaluation
  • How to use evaluation results within the organization
  • How to communicate the evaluation results to establish closer collaboration
  • How to design an evaluation in cooperation with the “youth”
  • What techniques and ways of working will help us obtain the necessary information
  • How to motivate young people to participate in evaluation processes?

In the next phase of the project, participants from the training program, as well as other organizations, have the opportunity to apply for a grant of 3000 euros to carry out impact evaluation of their projects in practice.

A blended training program for organizations that focus on supporting youth entrepreneurship is also being prepared. Follow our website and Facebook!

The YOUTH IMPACT project is supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA European Grant Fund and the Norwegian Youth Employment Grant Fund.

Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash