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Who we are

PEDAL is a management consulting firm with contact points in all EU member states. It is a team of young professionals providing expertise to:

  1. Students and young professionals
  2. Research institutions
  3. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  4. Governments and public bodies
  5. Civil society (NGOs)

To serve its clients, PEDAL operates within five main activity pillars:

  1. Academic counselling (students’ mobility)
  2. Market analysis and business plans (testing your ideas)
  3. Worldwide business establishment
  4. Tenders preparation
  5. Project management

Find out how you can benefit from these activities by clicking on the respective links.

There are numerous consultancy firms in the world who claim to solve everything (while using attractive PR strategies) but very often produce questionable results.

PEDAL is neither for everyone nor for everything. Yes, we are there to make a profit — not from you, though, but with you! 

Contact details

PEDAL Consulting s.r.o.
Bjornsonova 4807/5,
036 01 Martin, Slovakia

Tax Identification Number: 2023677018
Identification Number of Organisation: 46 986 111
Registered in the Business Register of the District Court, L.t.d., 58218/L