ALTFINATOR attends the Center for Financial Innovations meeting


Altfinator attended the meeting of members and interested stakeholders organized by the Center for Financial Innovations (CFI). The goal of the meeting was to present the achievements and plans of the CFI and facilitate discussion and networking among stakeholders.

CFI was founded by the Ministry of Finance in February 2018 with the main goal to analyze and improve the environment for financial innovations in Slovakia. It serves as a platform for policymakers, banks and other FinTech business, NGOs to exchange opinions and experience.

 The annual meeting took place on November 29 in the premises of the National Bank of Slovakia. The main goal was to present the progress in connection of the main mission. There were number of presentations and also guest delegation from Malta. The main topics included the planned creation of the Blockchain center of excellence, ability to introduce instant payments in Slovak bank environment, and the working of the innovation hub which is run by the National Bank of Slovakia.  

 Altfinator was represented by PEDAL Consulting. There were numerous opportunities to exchange experience, share knowledge and network with various stakeholders during the informal parts of the meeting.

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