Biobridges is thrilled to announce its participation at the Planetiers World Gathering from the 23 to 25 of April, 2020 in Lisbon. The Planetiers World Gathering is the world’s biggest event on sustainable innovation, which positions itself to be a new kind of event: one in which speakers do NOT fly in – speak for 30 min – fly out.

This event is for “Planetiers”, in other words, innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders and citizens that recognize that there is no alternative to a regenerative future and need it for their own success. “Planetiers” know that they can always do better, and they do. Are you a “Planetier”?

Biobridges will participate in this refreshing and disruptive event with our “touch and feel” roadshow of bio-based products, with a display of more than 250 samples, and our Bioart Gallery exhibition, an informative collection of 60 artistic pictures that associate commonly known resources (tomatoes, coffee, apples, oranges, etc.) with their surprising bio-based applications.

Furthermore, with these 2 activities we hope to contribute to the transformative 2020-30 roadmap which is being currently developed and will be soon announced at the Planetiers World Gathering. Entitled Planetiers New Generation, this roadmap will act as a continuum that will use events as enablers and showcasing of the transformation underway towards 2030.

In this event, Biobridges will make part of an ecosystem composed of different type of entities (i.e. top consultants, NGOs, companies…) characterised by being agents of change, supported by advanced academic knowledge.

Get more information about this event HERE.