The main objective of the BIOWAYS project is to promote the huge potential of bio-based research results and raise public awareness of bio-based products. We use a variety of communication techniques, public engagement activities and the development of games, educational tools and fun facts to do this and we have been present at major events all over Europe for the past two years.

Now BIOWAYS is teaming up the New Scientist, one of the world’s most respected science publications, to be part of the New Scientist Live event, which takes place in London from September 20-23, when will have a dedicated stand at the event. New Scientist Live is one of Europe’s most exciting science shows, attracting thousands of visitors and some of the world’s most renowned scientists, researchers and industry leaders. With immersive experiences, insightful talks, world-acclaimed speakers and interactive exhibits, the show quite literally bring science to life.

BIOWAYS people, as well as researchers from other projects and industry experts, will be at the BIOWAYS stand to engage with the New Scientist Live audience, helping to increase their awareness of the bioeconomy with hands-on displays of bio-based products and the materials used to make them, and demonstrations of innovative bio-processes. Our stand will be exciting and interactive giving all our visitors the chance to see and feel (and sometimes smell) the many different bio-products that exist and talk to researchers and companies about what’s out there on the market and what’s coming soon.

We will have a large array of bio-products on display, ranging from everyday items such as bags, coffee cups, shoes and clothing and we will even be demonstrating how paper can be made from poo.
Visitors will also have the chance to play the fun games developed by BIOWAYS that lead players on adventures while at the same time teaching them some amazing facts and figures about the bioeconomy. We’ll be totting up the scores over the four days of the event and there will be bio-prizes for the winners.

As well as learning through games and hands-on displays, visitors will also be able to learn more about the bioeconomy through our striking displays, posters and factsheets, which will also be on the stand.

Finally, we will be asking all our visitors to become part of BioWatch, our exciting online community, which provides lots of amazing facts and figures all about the latest research and the latest products in the bioeconomy. As one of the main outputs of the project, we are hoping that the excitement of New Scientist Live will inspire everyone to get involved in BioWatch and stay in touch with the exciting developments European researchers are making in this important sector every day.

PEDAL Consulting is a partner in the Bioways project.