BUILD and PROCEDIN projects joint Task Force on Innovation Procurement

Launched in February 2023, the Innovation Procurement Task Force (IPTF) brings together four EU-funded projects – PROCEDIN, BUILD, Health InnoFacilitator and InnoBuyer. The aim being the support of procurement in innovative areas. PEDAL Consulting’s proud to have played as a joining agent in its creation.

The benefits of shared cooperation in public procurement are immense. The IPTF provides a platform for cities, businesses, and organizations to collaborate and drive progress in innovative areas. Mainly in the circular economy, green mobility, and healthcare.

Thanks to our extensive network and expertise in the field, we were happy to assist with the launch of the Task Force consortium. Actively taking part with two initiatives from our portfolio – BUILD and PROCEDIN.

Their main focus in the joint initiative is as follows:

  • The PROCEDIN project seeks to promote the adoption of procurement of innovation (POI) in the context of European cities’ sustainability and resilience agendas. It leverages existing resources and professional networks to increase knowledge, skills, and motivation for POI, with a particular focus on the circular economy and green mobility.

  • The BUILD provides high-quality training and capacity-building services to cities in the area of innovation procurement. They are designed for public and private procurers, SMEs, and start-ups in various aspects of procurement, including legal knowledge, market consultation, pre-commercial procurement, and risk assessment.

The IPTF also produces a joint newsletter. It is a valuable tool for all stakeholders who look to stay up to date with the latest developments in this field and get to know best practices and success stories. Any interested partner is welcome to subscribe.

By working together, these entities can leverage each other’s strengths and expertise, ultimately leading to more sustainable and resilient communities.

PEDAL Consulting is looking forward to continuing to drive innovation in public procurement through the IPTF. Furthermore, to help build an innovative and sustainable society.

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