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In January 2016, PEDAL Consulting will start implementing the Horizon 2020 project Dandelion: Promoting EU-funded projects of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies. The project will promote the work done by inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ projects on local, regional and European level by developing and implementing a series of innovative and exciting communication activities aiming to inform, educate and entertain a wide cross section of the European population, policy-makers academia and media.

By placing European economic and financial reform, the problems young people face in Europe, cultural heritage, European values and diversities, the EU's role as a global actor and the new forms of public sector innovation at the heart of these activities, by involving established science educators, by creating clear lines of communication between projects and named mass media and by utilising novel communications, Dandelion will ensure that inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ ambitious philosophy is given the highest profile. By giving tools and guidelines to the dissemination managers towards general public, policy makers, academia and media Dandelion will guarantee an improved access to research projects’ data in the future.