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Startup Europe Partnership

In February 2014, PEDAL Consulting was contracted by the European Commission to assist the implementation of the “Startup Europe Partnership” initiative, the objective of which is to bring together the best European web-based startups with large corporates in order to help them to scale up and become global champions in their respective domains.

Collaborating closely with the SEP founding members, among which Microsoft, Orange, Telefonica, BBVA and Telecom Italia, PEDAL Consulting is mainly undertaking the following activities:

  1. Mapping & analysing the most promising startups, significant exits and large corporates.
  2. Providing awareness and visibility to the initiative via press releases, SEP monitors, dedicated country reports
  3. Assisting in other relevant research activities.

Presentation of PEDAL Consulting and Mind the Bridge from the international workshop organised by the European Commission is available here.

SEP Study

PEDAL Consulting has recently finalised the “Preliminary analysis of the European Startup Ecosystem” which is available here.

SEP Monitors

SEP regularly publishes the research report, SEP Monitor. The SEP Monitors are available for download below. SEP Monitor is based on ongoing online resource and data mining; results and findings are preliminary.

SEP MONITOR July 2015: From Unicorns to Reality

SEP MONITOR 2015: Mapping the German ICT "Scaleups
SEP MONITOR Dec 2014: Mapping the French ICT "Scaleups"

SEP MONITOR Nov 2014: Mapping the UK's ICT "Scaleups"

SEP MONITOR Sept 2014: Mapping Italian ICT “Scaleups”

SEP MONITOR July 2014: Mapping the European ICT “Exits”

SEP MONITOR June 2014: Mapping Spanish "Scaleups"

SEP MONITOR May 2014: Mapping European "Scaleups"