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Transition to a green Economy (T2gE)

In the framework of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU, the Slovak Ministry of the Environment organised an international conference on 'T2gE – Transition to the Green Economy'. The flagship event took place on 6 and 7 September 2016 at the Hotel Saffron in Bratislava.

With this event the Ministry wished to attract the attention of experts, politicians, senior EU officials, international organisations, universities, the business sector and civil society and create an area for informed discussion of the key questions on the transition to a green economy. A part of the conference devoted time to presenting examples of innovative solutions and approaches from Slovakia and EU countries.

The Slovak Presidency presented the outcomes of the event at a meeting of the environment ministers of OECD member countries in Paris and at a meeting of the Environment Council.

Information about the conference is published on the website:

The programme was sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic; the organisation of the conference was sponsored by the Slovak Environment Agency in partnership with PEDAL Consulting, s.r.o. and Motion zone, s.r.o. The programme was prepared in close cooperation with the European Commission, the European Environment Agency and the OECD.

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