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The Erasmus+ project “Work, Research and Innovation for Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs (WRITE)” aims at reducing the education dropout phenomenon by investing on more articulate and consistent training and trying to make learning more entertaining using a "gamification" method. Training modules will be created according to both the needs of young people lacking competences that are key for job placement and the requirements of the labor market. At the same time, the project will promote entrepreneurship among young people and will support youth in undertaking an entrepreneurial path.

The project, launched in August 2015 and ending in August 2017, aims to achieve the following main outcomes:

- Study and analysis of the competences lacked by NEET (Not (engaged) in Education, Employment or Training) youngsters in the partner countries;
- Study and analysis of the competences required by the labor market in the partner countries;
- Creation of an online platform with targeted training modules and interactive learning material based on "gamification";
- Certification of competences valid at EU level;
- Creation of a guide to entrepreneurship and of a support service to wanna-be entrepreneurs.

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