CEO of PEDAL Consulting Joins Expert Board of ProCure Project

In a significant move, PEDAL Consulting’s CEO, Robert Miskuf, has recently assumed the role of a Board Member for the ” ProCure-Public Procurement Assessment in the Healthcare Sector ” project. It represents a strategic step to fortify our presence in the field of public procurement, particularly in the context of innovation.

ProCure: Transforming Public Procurement Practices

The ProCure initiative focuses on a comprehensive evaluation of public procurement practices. The primary objective is to enhance efficiency and precision by engaging in structured dialogues with key stakeholders in the healthcare procurement value chain and public national/regional authorities.

One of the key points of the ProCure assessment is scrutinizing the impact of the pandemic on public procurement organizations and practices across 13 participating member states. Going beyond mere observation, ProCure aims to identify changes compared to the pre-pandemic scenario and evaluate new strategies, action plans, and policies introduced in response to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

An Expert Board of Influential Reviewers

To steer the project effectively, ProCure has assembled an Expert Board comprising esteemed figures in the European public procurement landscape. The members include:

  • Jorge González Olalla, a founder of TicBIOMED;
  • Ana Lucía Jaramillois, an expert in European public procurement law;
  • Ramón Masponsis, the Chief Health Innovation Strategist at Ministry of Health, Government of Catalonia and Chief of Innovation Officer at Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia
  • Robert Miskuf, the founder and CEO of PEDAL Consulting and Tenderio.

Driving Strategy and Implementation

The Expert Board is tasked with providing invaluable insights and advice on strategies and operational directions for the project. Their responsibility extends to reviewing the feasibility of final recommendations on public procurement for the European Commission. Moreover, the Board will play an important pivotal role in endorsing the tailored strategies and recommendations for public procurement in the health sector, a product of the ProCure project.

Our collaboration with seasoned experts promises not only a detailed assessment of current practices but also the formulation of innovative strategies that will reshape the landscape of public procurement, particularly in the crucial domain of healthcare.