DIGIMEDFOR - Sustainable management of Mediterranean forest resources

The overall goal of the project “DIGIMEDFOR – digital tools and technology systems for the sustainable management of Mediterranean forest resources” is to transform the technological landscape of the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain. Mainly by increasing its competitiveness and allowing different stakeholders to better manage and supply multiple forest ecosystem services, including the traceability of wood origin from forests to end-users.

DigiMedFor will employ advanced and innovative digital solutions to:

  • improve the monitoring and management of forest resources along the supply chain from their origin up to the wood industry,
  • optimize both – the sustainability of wood production and traceability, as well as the delivery of ecosystem services.

The initiative will also address the synergetic use of geo-spatial, Artificial Intelligence, and modelling technologies, combining them with information and communication technology.

The project is coordinated by UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI NAPOLI FEDERICO II (UNINA). The project consortium is comprised of PEDAL Consulting and 20 partners from Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Greece, France, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia, and Ukraine.