The European Commission is developing a new Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal that will replace the current Participant Portal. The new portal is built upon the concepts, functionalities and approaches of the existing participant portal. It extends its scope by providing a one-stop shop for the participation in all centrally managed EU programmes and also for procurement (calls for tender) by the Commission. The full coverage of all centrally managed funding programmes and of procurement is planned for 2020.

It is possible to test the beta version of the new portal. The testing does not require any specific testing scenario, all you need to do is simply start using the new portal for your usual operations (i.e. for managing proposals, grants, organisations, roles etc.) and send us (The European Commission) your observations and suggestions. It is recommended to use either Firefox or Chrome for the testing. Some functions do not work properly in other browsers yet.

Please be aware that all actions that you execute through the new portal will act on your real data (no test data), as if you made them via the current Participant Portal. You can start using the new portal via the following link:

As players in the public procurement space, this is great news for us. We cannot wait to see the entire upgrade up and running.