What options do you have if you come across an interesting tender, yet you do not comply with all the requirements set out in the tender notice? Or, maybe you don’t quite have the ability to carry out the full terms of the contract. The answer is simple: find yourself a partner!

Deciding to find a partner with whom you can bid can be influenced by many factors. As mentioned in the previous posts, there are a number of things to consider before preparing a bid offer, such as administrative requirements, technical details, or the financial offer itself. At any stage of the bid preparation, one can run into difficulties that ultimately might impede eligibility to participate. The balance sheet statements or the turnover of the bidder might not be satisfying enough, or the bidder might be lacking previous experience in tendering – all of which can be specified as eligibility requirements in the tender notice.

Furthermore, it is easy to run into technical problems if you have the expertise needed to carry out a contract, yet lack the manpower to do so to the full extent. In this case, the best solution is to engage with a partner who has similar interests and objectives, and at the same time complements your own capabilities, so that the created consortium is eligible to participate in bidding and able to carry out the contract.

Additionally, if you decide to participate in international bidding, language or similar administrative barriers surface. In these instances, you might turn to a local expert, who has excellent knowledge of the language and the legal frameworks related to the contract. This form of a partnership can also be useful if it is the first time you have conducted business in a certain region. Backed up with the experience and expertise of a local partner, you increase your chances of having the winning offer.

Deciding to look for a partner is the easy part – it’s finding a suitable one that can prove to be somewhat difficult. Fortunately, it is in these moments you can turn to the Tenderio helpdesk. We keep track of all the winning tenders and their values in your sector. In other words, we keep a list of your competitors, whom you can turn into partners if needed. Additionally, we carefully select local experts who can offer their expertise and embark on the bidding journey as your partner. While it can’t be promised the whole process will be easy and headache free, the Tenderio team will make sure to free you of as much burden as possible!

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