GenB project inspired youth through education

During the workshop “A better environment – how to achieve it?”, Pedal Consulting presented opportunities and various initiatives related to bioeconomy to secondary-school students. The event was organised by the Žilina self-governing region in Žilina (Slovakia) on 28 March 2023.

In our presentation, we focused on the environmental and social benefits of bioeconomy. We spoke also about inspiring actions, such as the BioArt Gallery and the Bioeconomy Village, that are both part of the GenB project toolkit. Finally, activities to promote the circular bioeconomy were presented, in which students in different countries became unofficial ambassadors of the bioeconomy.

The BioArt Gallery

The interactive gallery presents promising feedstock and its related bioeconomy application in everyday life, by means of 60 interesting and scientific-based pictures.

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The Bioeconomy Village

The project is promoted by the BIOWAYS and STAR-ProBio Horizon 2020 initiatives. It is an exhibition of products, examples, curiosities, thematic workshops and practical demonstrations. 

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Sharing inspiring initiatives by youth in bioeconomy

Young generation can take an active role in many different ways. We provided them with examples of student activities from Slovakia and other European countries:, such as e.g.:

  • a beach project implemented by a school in Norway, which includes organization of beach clean-ups, removal of invasive species, planting and registration of the endangered Sea Holly and, thanks to all of these activities, learning by practice:

It was nice experience to see how existing innovative solutions planted a curiosity seed in our young public. We hope it will grow into a positive and active mindset to cooperate in tackling existing challenges. 

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