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How to bid abroad

PEDAL Consulting has developed Tenderio, an integrated platform that helps to sell products and services via public contests to European SMEs.

Tendering is probably the second oldest profession, but definitely more profitable than the oldest profession. And yet, so little has changed for the companies aiming to get through the labyrinths of public procurement. Today, when you, as a business owner, want to take part to a public contest abroad, there is a long way ahead. You need to find the right tender, often translate it to your own language, understand if you are eligible to apply, find suitable partners to meet all the requirements and only then, start preparing your bid. The consultants, lawyers, translators and software engineers active in this trillion EUR market industry charge their clients - not small amounts - for helping them orientate in this ‘fragmented bureaucratic jungle’.

After sitting on this for about 12,000 hours we came up with a model to optimize many of these things. We created an integrated platform which brings under one single roof the world’s leading search engine for public tenders and a pan-European network of verified bid writers. If you want new deals on new international markets, it makes sense for you to join Tenderio because participating to these messy public contests is only 20% strategic - things like budgeting or timing, - 80% of it is administrative. It’s stuff like finding the right tender, getting the right paper work filled out and teaming up with the right partners abroad. And since we can now streamline much of that stuff, we can take all these headaches off your hands.

The ultimate goal of Tenderio is to help companies sell their goods and services to public sector across Europe in a fast, simple and efficient way.

In the initial phase, Tenderio officially opened 300 registration slots for the companies that wish to start using this service. Interested companies need to meet certain eligibility criteria, based on their financial history, professional track-record and business sector. The registration form is available here.