How to expand the update of bio-based products

There are many ingenious and innovative ideas for creating bio-based products coming from different sectors, that have the potential for improving the collaboration between actors in the bioeconomy. In this scenario, stimulating the consumers perception and acceptability towards bio-based products, can have a direct impact on incrementing the offer of such products from the brands, and consequently increasing the demand of bio-based resources from the industry.

To support countries where bio-based business sector is less mature or not developed, like the case of Slovakia that imports more bio-based products than is using rather than developing its local resources, the following recommendations have been identified.

All the ideas and recommendations for boosting bio-based economy presented above are widely discussed in several documents developed by Biobridges project, which summarise the outputs collected from several co-creation workshops all around Europe.

Access to these documents below:

  • Recommendations to enhance collaboration among industry, brand owners and consumers (CLICK HERE)
  • Proceedings from EU, national and regional co-creation events and policy debates (CLICK HERE)

This article is brought to you courtesy of the Biobridges project in which Pedal Consulting is a partner.

Author: Robert Miskuf (PEDAL Consulting)