HubIT Forum: Industry 4.0 and Social Sustainability – SPEAK OUT!

Industry 4.0 relates to “the use in industrial production of recent, and often interconnected, digital technologies that enable new and more efficient processes, and which in some cases yield new goods and services. The associated technologies are many, from developments in machine learning and data science, which permit increasingly autonomous and intelligent systems, to low-cost sensors which underpin the IoT, to new control devices that make second-generation industrial robotics possible” (OECD, 2017). Digitalization has become an important driving force for society. ICT and IOTs, Robotics, Data-driven production, Cybersecurity and, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all contributing to re-build the industrial sector and its position within the society, proposing new challenges the role and the relevance of people and the society, such as:

  • How digital technologies and Industry 4.0 impacts within social, economic and environmental sustainability?
  • How to balance digital resources and humanity into a smart factory?
  • What are the issues of the Industry 4.0 related to cybersecurity?

Discuss these topics and many other during our February’s forum that is taking place on the 24 at 14h30 CET HERE.

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