Innovative procurement at the centre of PROCEDIN project meeting

PEDAL Consulting hosted a get-together of partners working on the innovation of procurement capability in Bergamo, on 29. – 30. March 2023. The objective being the evaluation of the progress during the first 6 month of the project implementation as well as the next steps for the upcoming period.

We are proud to say that the atmosphere which underlined the meeting was very warm and cooperative. Thus, we did manage to cover all important points on the agenda, such as e.g.:

  • the ongoing surveys on procurement of innovation resources for buyers, SMEs and start-ups
  • findings of the survey among European universities in connection with the creation of the database of European education,
  • mapping and clustering of relevant stakeholders,
  • identification of procurement leaders and the main barriers / enablers for embedding procurement of innovation,
  • ecosystem building and clustering with other initiatives,
  • suggestions for replicability and sustainability of the project outcomes,
  • preparations for legal framework – its development, provision of assistance and support.

Our mission to encourage the procurement of innovation capability development and the acceleration of the growth of circular economies and green mobility innovation ecosystems is not completed yet. But we are proud to say that, together with project partners, we are on the right track to get there!

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