INPROCAP - Building innovation procurement capabilities in Big science

The main objective of the “Building innovation procurement capabilities in Big Science – INPROCAP” project is to build specialist advisory services on innovation procurement amongst national Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs) to Big Science Organisations (BSOs).

Individual objectives of the INPROCAP project are as follows:

  • Motivate start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all over Europe to participate in Big Science innovation procurement processes.
  • Enable ILOs to perform specialist advisory services on innovation procurement to public procurers from BSO.
  • Establish innovation procurement as a standard tool for the Big Science market.

Advisory platform for innovation procurement

INPROCAP will develop and implement a long-term, sustainable advisory platform for innovation procurement processes within the Big Science innovation ecosystem. This will be achieved by introducing and integrating innovation procurement knowledge into the function of ILOs and leveraging this network to engage innovative companies across Europe.

Currently, the main task of ILOs is to assist companies from their respective countries in winning contracts at large international and national public research and science infrastructures (BSOs). As well as to provide feedback on procurement processes to the BSOs. Through INPROCAP, ILOs will gain knowledge and a toolbox on innovative procurement, allowing them to build upon their deep technical knowledge and market expertise. This will further boost innovation and engage SMEs, start-ups, and innovators in national and international ecosystems.

Activities of the Project:

  • Establish a knowledge baseline and industrial outreach channels.
  • Train innovation procurement advisors, specifically ILOs.
  • Develop innovation procedures and provide training for BSO staff.

The project consortium consists of 7 partners from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. The initiative is led by TEKNOLOGISK INSTITUT (Denmark).

PEDAL Consulting is the leader of the Dissemination and Communication activities. At the same time, we are responsible for Co-Creation of Training Program and Training activities.