In the coming weeks – we are going to roll out a series of articles detailing our 10 years’ experience actively participating in the procurement life cycle/ value chain. There are obviously some wins and losses and as it has been said in this business, for every successful bid or project granted, there have been a lot more unsuccessful attempts. Therefore, as is in every vocation out there, consistency and perseverance are what sets you apart. In these series we will share with you insights on what to look out for and what not to do in your future applications based on the (painful) experience from our unsuccessful proposals.

Brace yourselves for deep insights on a number of matters which as a result of actions or lack thereof some pertinent matters regarding the bid preparation process are either not enough attention or seldom given due regard – the result of which may have adverse effects on the evaluation of your bid or proposal and may stop you from the much needed success that you are looking for or deserve.

Matters ranging from; setting unrealistic impact goals, lack of sufficient technical experience in some fields to overly complex coordination structures and lack of specific attention to detail are some the reasons as to why your proposal or bid evaluations may not be successful. All these will be highlighted and discussed in hindsight to give you a better perspective on how best to prepare your bid or proposal.

Even if the purpose of these series is to share with you our lessons from unsuccessful bidding efforts, we do not see ourselves as losers.  It suffice to note that for every dark cloud there is a silver lining and therefore, since its inception in 2010, PEDAL Consulting has successfully secured over 40 public contracts with various international organizations with a combined value of over 40M EUR. I truly believe that the series of upcoming #WhereMyMoneyAt lessons learnt will help you on your way to secure more public contracts and hopefully enjoy this “game” a bit more.

Take this walk with us and we shall help you answer the question – #wheremymoneyat.

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