Let’s start with some numbers. Since the beginning of the project, we have organised 25 events (e.g. public roundtables, policy workshops, national workshops) and actively contributed to additional 71 events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops), bringing the total number of gatherings to 96 while capturing over 11,000 stakeholders. Most of the stakeholders were innovative SMEs, followed by alternative finance providers and policy makers.
While the in-depth impact assessment will be produced in the upcoming weeks, the preliminary analysis of questionnaires and feedback collected during these events looks promising.
The questionnaires and informal discussions with SMEs, Alternative Finance providers and Policy Makers aimed to provide answers to various questions, among which we select the following:
  • How many alternative finance (AF) options are available in your country?
  • Have you ever considered your company using the AF?
  • To what extent your knowledge about AF improved thanks to our event?
  • Would you advise the adoption of AF to your associated or supported SMEs?
Alternative Finance providers
  • Are you currently considering providing additional models of AF or new tools for SMEs?
  • Have you tried to cooperate with traditional finance providers?
  • Have you ever been involved in a debate with your national policymakers or EU policymakers about issues related to the alternative finance regulatory environment?
  • In case this is your first Altfinator event: Did this event sparkle interest in you for a debate with National or EU policymakers about issues related to the alternative finance regulatory environment?
  • Are you interested in adopting any of the best practices on AF from other countries identified by Altfinator?
  • As a consequence of Altfinator activities/events are you looking for cooperation with other AF providers either in your country or abroad?
Policy Makers
  • How would you rate AF readiness in the legal environment of your country?
  • In case this is your first Altfinator event: Do you consider opening a debate with AF providers or with innovative SMEs about the needs of Alternative Finance environment?
The detailed answers to these questions (and more) will be made available in the upcoming weeks. In each partner country, we were able to detect a use case where Altfinator contributed to the building of the AF ecosystem in various ways.
If you are interested in a detailed analysis, please contact us and we’ll get back to you.