Looking back at 2023

In PEDAL Consulting, each passing year has its own name which carries a distinct identity, encapsulating an overarching theme. Last year was the “Year of one more”.  It was not just about building a habit of doing ‘one more task.’  But also, about learning to savour each moment as if it was the last.  

The people

For us, PEOPLE are the heart and soul of the company – we are PEDAL.

Despite facing several moments which stress-tested our culture and vision, we are proud to have fostered an environment grounded in trust, where honesty, radical transparency and respectful exchanges thrive.

Looking back, we proactively initiated several discussions on pivotal subjects, such as Gender Equality Plan and work-life harmony.

The communication

What used to be our weak point was now turned into a potential asset. We are talking here about our communication strategies and innovative campaigns which injected a fresh and authentic breeze into our industry.  

More structured organisation

In 2023, we took several strategically important measures which helped us transitioning from an ‘owner-led’ to much more professionally structured organization. Consistent tracking of key data empowered us to develop unique formulas that make our decisions more informed and our business more predictable.

Embracing technology

We also took an important step to personalized CRM system’s adoption, enhancing our organizational resilience. Even if we’re not completely there yet, we were working on our upgraded organigram where the right people are sitting in the right seats.

Diversification of resources

The year 2023 brought us also eight fully-fledged grants from diverse sources (four Horizon Europe, two EUKI, one Erasmus Plus and a grant from VAIA Research and Innovation Authority), bolstering our global standing and reinforcing our position as the 8th-ranked small and medium sized company worldwide.

On one hand, we were (naturally) not able to keep up the pace with previous year, but on the other, tapping into a wider range of donors makes us less vulnerable.

Innovations in Development

Within the Development Department, innovations like a plug-and-play approach or A-Form menu were successfully introduced.

Now it’s the time to cast the vision for 2024!