METAVERSE ACADEMY – Addressing the future of immersive technologies

The project mission is to bolster the EU’s competitive edge by cultivating expertise in immersive technologies. How? Through robust industry-academy collaboration, the primary focus is to equip individuals with the requisite skills and foster an entrepreneurial mindset needed to adapt these technologies across diverse sectors.

The project consortium is committed to materialising these goals by:

  • boosting innovation, talent and skill development;
  • developing a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mind-sets, competences and skills;
  • stimulating the flow and exchange of knowledge between higher education, vocational education training, enterprises and research;
  • identifying resilience-related, market needs and emerging professions.

Furthermore, through the creation of specialized technical courses, the initiative seeks to disseminate knowledge and best practices across different educational institutions and countries, enriching educational standards across the EU.

The project consortium consists of 13 partners from Turkey, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, South Africa, Greece, Sweden, Slovakia, Israel. The project is coordinated by BURSA ESKISEHIR BILECIK KALKINMA AJANSI (Turkey).

PEDAL Consulting, as the leader of the Promotion, Dissemination and Communication work package will ensure that the METAVERSE ACADEMY will reach numerous stakeholders all over the European Union.