When applying for business related to the media industry, please look out for the above 3 points in the preparation stages of your bid or proposal.


  • The methodology should be quite clear and explicable as it will give the evaluator of your bid or proposal an idea on how your ideas will help them remedy the problem or mischief they are looking to solve.
  • The outputs on the other hand denote the expected impact of your activities, they should be clear, realistic, well defined and measurable – this will most definitely earn you better scores in comparison to the competition.
  • Lastly, you primarily ought to be very clear what you are going to do in the implementation of your ideas and where specific events are supposed to be held, they must be well defined and articulated.


We recently had an unsuccessful experience on a bid to provide media consultancy services and below was the feedback we got. We implore you to turn it the other way round and right our wrongs when writing your next bid or proposal. Below you will find excerpts of the feedback we got relating to our proposed methodology, outputs and execution in no particular order.

  • While the proposed methodology linking responsible research and innovation (RRI) concepts is pertinent and clear, it leaves in other aspects many key ideas to be defined during the project’s duration, decreasing its credibility.
  • Overall, the coordination and support measures are of good quality. However, there are some shortcomings. For example, it is not clear how the three hackathons would ensure practical services to the media industry beyond a one-single day encounter, or how the proposed website would ensure valuable knowledge sharing for actors, beyond offering a mere repository of actors and links to social media.
  • The proposal fails to convincingly establish how the project would achieve long-term benefits for the media ecosystem.
  • There was insufficient detail described to support the standard communication strategies on which the measures to maximize impact relied on and this ultimately affected the intended output to the community.
  • The metrics proposed to measure progress are generic and inadequate to monitor achievements.
  • Lastly, the criteria and procedures for the invitation and selection of the participants in the boot camps and other related events are not adequately defined”.


As Tenderio we believe in the power of failure to drive change and ultimately shape success. As Richard Branson, the famous Australian entrepreneur, once said “Don’t be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again!”  we hope that from those lessons, you will have most of the weak points covered in your next application which will ultimately be successful and you will be able to get an answer to the great question of the day #wheremymoneyat.

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