Innovation Norway and the School of Business and Law at the University of Adger (UiA) have partnered to offer a master’s course in crowdfunding. In addition to lectures and teaching, participating students will be working with real campaigns from real companies. Reportedly, more than 20 companies and organisations have agreed to take part in the Crowdfunding Lab course.

The project is initiated by Rotem Schneor. Earlier this year he participated as expert in this newsletter to provide an insight on the status of Alternative Finance in Norway. His view on this project:
“We started research of, and education in, crowdfunding in 2012, and we decided early on that we wanted to develop a great expertise in this area. Nowadays, we are at an international level, and we want to provide master’s students with better insight into the different sides of crowdfunding.”

You can get more information about this course here.

This information is courtesy of the Altfinator project in which PEDAL partners.