Only half of EU countries adopted measures to cut down on energy consumption

An overview of different EU member states and their short-term energy saving measures is the subject of the report published by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB). PEDAL Consulting contributed the insights regarding Slovakia into this valuable source of updated information.

The European Union calls for the application of energy saving actions to respond to the energy crisis. Especially the reduction of gas and electricity demand. However, they are not introduced in a structured, socially just and sustainable way across individual countries.

The analysis of the EEB points out the disparities in the measures. In the report, you can find a ranking of EU countries according to their energy-saving efforts that was updated with all new measures implemented until March 2023.

Some findings are more than interesting. Here, we pick just some of them:

  • only 14 out of 27 EU states have adopted obligatory measures to cut down on energy consumption,
  • most measures that were adopted are only voluntary and targeted primarily at public buildings,
  • 3 countries have not introduced any measures so far.

Thus, the EEB urges the European Commission to:

  • set up a task force monitoring energy saving;
  • disseminate energy-saving status;
  • reinforce instruments of energy demand management;
  • distribution of smart meters;
  • introduction of fair and harmonised rules at the EU level.

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