PEDAL Consulting a new member

of ENRICH Global

PEDAL Consulting is very pleased to join a unique platform related to innovation and international collaboration “ENRICH GLOBAL”. We appreciate the opportunity to become a member of such a prestigious association gathering many public national agencies, centres and foundations as well as consultancy firms and networks with hundreds of years of cumulative experience in supporting internationalisation of innovation.  

ENRCIH GLOBAL was founded in 2020 by 12 leading public and private organisations based around the world. The aim being the contribution to the development of European scientific, technological and innovation excellence, as well as the reinforcement of innovation competitiveness and internationalisation of its members.  

Why is PEDAL Consulting excited about joining the ENRICH GLOBAL?  

With a very strong network of ENRICH GLOBAL around the world, we will be able to:

·       enrich and expand international dimension of our company;

·       support internationalisation of our clients;

·       expand our business through the participation in proposals with ENRICH and its members;

·       get shared-funding of future projects signed by ENRICH GLOBAL;

·       benefit from opportunities in the service / framework contracts signed by members of ENRICH.

 Under the ENRICH GLOBAL, there are also various thematic working groups operating. PEDAL Consulting will be mainly active in the new Tendering group.

 More about ENRICH GLOBAL  

This non-for-profit, member-driven association aspires to fulfil its mission mainly by means of:  

·       supporting and coordinating collaboration between organisations, initiatives and ‘multipliers’ (clusters, associations, networks…), within and outside of the European Union. Primarily those that support internationalisation of innovation, research and business by working, training or serving individual companies, researchers and innovators; 

·       building collaborative programmes, services, networks and tools, or supporting them, and contributing to business development of its members;

·       supporting sustainability efforts of on-going collaborative projects and initiatives of the members.


Interested to know more about ENRICH GLOBAL?

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