PEDAL Consulting the ambassador of InnoBuyer Network Programme

Gratefully, we accepted the invitation to become an Ambassador for the InnoBuyer support action focusing on the securing of innovative solutions for companies in need. In this way, we are able to even further contribute to the innovation procurement in Europe.

PEDAL Consulting has got wealth of experience with projects dealing with public procurement of innovation, e. g. PROCEDIN, PRONTO, Tenderio and BUILD. As the coordinator of the BUILD initiative, we always look for ways how to find synergies with similar projects. A specific example being InnoBuyer.

With BUILD, they have got a lot in common. Both being EU’s Horizon Europe coordination and support actions, they focus primarily on innovation procurement. Their ultimate goal is to boost the demand for innovation procurement and speed-up the process leading to a concrete innovation procurement.

Having a lot to offer, PEDAL Consulting is happy to join the InnoBuyer network of Ambassadors and to:

  • network with other InnoBuyer Ambassadors,
  • access a pool of European organisations working on innovation procurement, 
  • increase our visibility,
  • get first-hand information on the ongoing developments and an early access to InnoBuyer results.

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