This week, PEDAL Consulting received a positive answer from the Erasmus Plus National Agency in Poland, which decided to fund its new project to support the capacity building of people working with youth in the field of innovative and social entrepreneurship.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key pillars of sustainable, inclusive economic and social growth. In European countries, innovation and entrepreneurship are evoked as major avenues for achieving economic growth and competitiveness. European Innovation Scoreboard 2018 highlights that the EU’s innovation performance since 2010 has increased by 5.8% points, but to improve its position relative to world economy it is expected to improve by an additional 6% points more over the next 2 years.

The role of young people in shaping the world’s economy is clear: it is the largest generation of youth in history; and, worldwide, millennials make up almost 50 % of the global workforce. Given this increasingly young labor force, there is a growing need to explore alternatives to traditional job-creation strategies.

The project “COMPASS- competencies supporting youth innovative entrepreneurship” responds to the challenges of youth innovative entrepreneurship education in Europe and it is scheduled to kick off in September this year.

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