Sometimes it’s also about the numbers

In the course of last week, PEDAL was awarded with two new Horizon Europe Grants related to the following calls in circular economy and bioeconomy sectors.

  • HORIZON-CL6-2022-CIRCBIO-01-04 – Maximising economic, environmental and social synergies in the provision of feedstock for bio-based sectors through diversification and increased sustainability of agricultural production systems; and

  • HORIZON-CL6-2022-CIRCBIO-01-03 – Benefits of the transition towards sustainable circular bio-based systems from linear fossil-based; that will be added to the Bioeconomy Portfolio of the company.

You win some, you lose some

This brings the total number of proposals won by PEDAL under the Horizon Europe Framework to 11 this year. This adds on to the 13 ongoing and completed projects that were awarded to PEDAL under the H2020 Framework Program. Needless to say that in this game, you do not go unscathed as we have also registered 9 rejections since the beginning of 2022.

BIOECONOMY as a driver towards the Green Transition

PEDAL strongly believes in the contribution of Bioeconomy to decarbonization. This process has been ongoing for quite some time in the energy sector and has recently begun to accelerate. However, the material sector will continue to require carbon; hence the identification of the “right” circular carbon source is very important, to reduce the linear use of fossil carbon (or to decouple its use for other development targets). In this domain, circular bioeconomy may be pivotal. From a circular perspective, the cascading use of biomass, alongside with carbon capture and recycling may function to keep carbon in the loop while removing the need for virgin fossil fuels. PEDAL is proud to work within projects that contribute daily to decarbonize our economic system making Europe greener, this is also in line with us making a humble contribution towards the EU Green Deal Objectives of having Europe as a carbon neutral planet by 2050.

New Challenges = New Opportunities

We are really looking forward to working on these two newly awarded projects.  The team at PEDAL sees these new challenges ahead as opportunities to grow, to expand its network and build further onto the company track record.

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