Last week was unprecedented in the history of PEDAL. We managed to secure 4 new grants from the newly launched Horizon Europe Framework of the European Commission.  This is thanks to the impeccable work done by the entire consortium teams during the previous proposal preparation period. Please find brief descriptions of all the 4 cited projects below

  • GenB: Informing and educating young people on more sustainable behaviours and choices to build a future Generation informed and interested in Bioeconomy

This project aims to raise the Generation Bioeconomy (GenB), aware, sensitive, and interested in environmental issues, sustainability, and circularity. The Agency for the Promotion of the European Research (APRE) will coordinate the consortium for the GenB project – “Informing and educating young people on more sustainable behaviors and choices to build a future Generation informed and interested in Bioeconomy”  with a consolidated budget of 1 999 763 EUR.  The project consortium consists of PEDAL Consulting and other 9 partners spread across Europe and it boasts of  great experience in the most relevant awareness and education EU funded projects ( such as; Transition2Bio,BIObecAllThings.Biopro, ,BIOVOICES,BIOWAYS, , EuBioNet among others).

  • ROBIN: Deploying circular BIOecoNomies at Regional level with a territorial approach

Deploying circular BIOecoNomies at Regional level with a territorial approach (ROBIN) is set to empower Europe’s Regions to adapt their governance models and structures in ways that accelerate the achievement of their circular bioeconomy targets, while promoting social innovation and accounting for different territorial contexts. To this end, a structured methodology will be used to establish and demonstrate the potential of innovative bioeconomy governance models and structures in five European Regions: Southern Region (IE), Baden-Württemberg (DE), Andalucia (ESP), Central Macedonia (GR) and Zilina (SK).  The project is being  coordinated by Q-PLAN International Advisors,  PEDAL is one of the 13 partners spread all over Europe that have secured a budget of 2 499 953 EUR to roll this project out.

  • Mobilizing European Communities of Practice in bio-based systems for better governance and skills development networks in bioeconomy.

The strategic objective of is to support the establishment of the innovative governance models in bioeconomy training and skills development to achieve better informed decision-making processes, social engagement of all actors and uptake of sustainable innovation in bioeconomy. The specific objective of this 2 499 172 EUR project is to provide validated guidelines for setup of the regional bioeconomy training and mentoring frameworks based on case studies from 8 EU regions. This project is to be coordinated by Civitta Eesti AS.

  • The fourth project is related to the Call HORIZON-CL6-2021-FARM2FORK-01

This project aims to ensure a sustainable food system by internalizing the externalities along the food value chain. The project has designed a roadmap that will allow the food systems to internalize both the cost of harmful foods and the benefits of healthy foods, reflecting them in the market price and in the stakeholders’ decision making processes. The total budget for this project is almost 8 000 000 EUR.

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Photo by Marisol Benitez on Unsplash