PEDAL´s CEO the Board member of ENRICH Global

During the annual General Assembly meeting of ENRICH Global – a unique platform related to innovation and international collaboration – the new members of the Board were approved on 1 March 2023. One of them being the CEO of PEDAL Consulting, Robert Miskuf.

ENRICH Global (EG) association is governed by 3 bodies:

  1. General Assembly which defines its general policy and approves the management and financial accounts every year.
  2. The Board is composed of maximum 15 persons and decides also on the implementation of the general policy, approves new members, elect the desk’s members and control their management.
  3. The Desk represents the executive management of EG and is responsible for the effective day-today functioning of the association in conformity with the general policy defined by the General Assembly and in application of the decisions of the Board.

“Following PEDAL´s new membership in such a high-profile international association ENRICH Global in the last year, I am very pleased to be given a chance to become the Board member just shortly after. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my skillset and networks to further support EG activities in business development and financial sustainability areas,”
commented Robert on his new role.

Other approved Board members:

Mathilde De Bonis
Training & Capacity Building: Head of Unit, International Cooperation: Group Coordinator, Horizon Europe competence team: Health, APRE – Agency for the Promotion of European Research, Italy

Filipe Miguel
CASSAPO Vice-President for Expansion at ENRICH GLOBAL President of ENRICH IN LAC, Brazil, European Network of Research and Innovation Centers & Hubs

Blandine Chantepie-Kari
International and ENRICH Program Manager Temple University Small Business Development Center, United States

Dr. Andrea Degen, MD
Advising and supporting international collaboration in Science & Innovation; Founder and CEO of the start-up team Institute for Mental Health, Switzerland

Marcela FLORES
CEO at ANPEI – Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento das Empresas Inovadoras, Brazil

Dr Béla Kardon
Chief Scientific Officer at Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development,Hungary

Dr. Svetlana Klessova
Director, Research and Innovation Partnerships G.A.C. Group, France

Dr. Sara Medina
Member of the Board SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, Portugal

Robert Sanders
Senior Advisor on multi sector international business development and complex project management

Congratulations to all of them for the new venture!

More about ENRICH Global

This non-for-profit, member-driven association aspires to fulfil its mission mainly by means of: 

  • supporting and coordinating collaboration between organisations, initiatives and ‘multipliers’ (clusters, associations, networks…), within and outside of the European Union. Primarily those that support internationalisation of innovation, research and business by working, training or serving individual companies, researchers and innovators;
  • building collaborative programmes, services, networks and tools, or supporting them, and contributing to business development of its members;
  • supporting sustainability efforts of on-going collaborative projects and initiatives of the members.

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