Project boosting the innovation in clean energy solutions as nr. 16 in PEDAL´s Horizon Europe portfolio

The beginning of 2023 brought us exciting news! PEDAL Consulting has been granted a project under the EIC Transition Call of the European Union – SOIL2POWER. At the same time, according to the Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development, we confirmed our position as the top Slovak organisation implementing Horizon Europe projects (Horizon Dashboard, EC 1/2023)[1].

About the SOIL2POWER initiative

Under the leadership of Bioo from Spain, the consortium partners will focus on overcoming current technical, economic and sustainable barriers through fostering water and energy conservation solutions.

SOIL2POWER will contribute and ease the transition to develop novel technological solutions by:

  • boosting the innovation in clean energy solutions industry;
  • strengthening human capital, biotechnological research innovations;
  • eventually enabling the adoption of sustainable energy solutions in agricultural industry, paving the way to a sustainable precise irrigation systems for smart agriculture.

By the end of 2023, a prototype will be tested in simulated environment. If solution is validated with the whole functions up and running, during the years 2024-2025, a complete deployment of marketing and investment strategies will be performed. Alongside with operational environment validation to rate real performance based on real feedback from end-users.

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[1] Statistics do not reflect 5 other HE projects which are currently in the Grant Agreement Preparation Phase.