PRONTO” (Piloting Public Procurement of Innovation), project builds on the TENDERIO platform which improves access of SMEs to international public contracts. It addresses the challenges related to the public procurement of innovation by:

  1. Encouraging cooperation and knowledge sharing between public buyers to promote the use of public procurement to contribute to the development of sustainable innovation, thus creating a fertile platform for future collaboration.
  2. Using public procurement as a mechanism to pilot sustainable innovation in areas of clean energy and healthcare.
  3. Linking and establishing synergies with research and innovation projects funded by the EU (via Horizon 2020, COSME or other EU funding programmes), with specific focus on EU funded projects fostering PPI, whenever possible.
  4. The project team consists of three public buyers and seven SMEs, from 8 EU countries. PEDAL Consulting is coordinating the project.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project.