RURALITIES – Climate, ecosystem and knowledge-based expertise

The project “RURALITIES – climate smart, ecosystem-enhancing and knowledge based rural expertise and training centres” delivers an ecosystem-enhancing and climate action driven expertise and learning framework.

It will be organised in hubs and comprised of a series of innovative methodologies with the learner at its core. The hubs will get support from a comprehensive network of living labs, and a blockchain-based digital platform combining the Internet and wireless technologies. They will assist in engaging, connecting and empowering the actors. All of the above mentioned will be done via a multi-point approach, e.g. multi-actors, multi-disciplines, multi-systems, multi-scale, multi-sectors, and multi-levels.

RURALITIES is rooted in the recruitment, preparation, training and coaching of 1.000+ facilitators distributed in all participating countries. The reason being the variety of tasks (e.g., trainers, facilitators, role models, hub coordinators, etc.). All of them will play a significant role in creating the matrix and the platform upon which the learning framework is built, develops and evolves.

The project proposes to ideate, implement, futureproof, validate and deliver the aforementioned expertise and learning centres. It will be carried out via real-scale practicing in 7 simplified rural socio-ecological systems (SIMSES), e.g. demonstrators: 2 in Italy, 1 in the United Kingdom, 1 in Slovenia, 1 in Spain and 1 in Romania.

RURALITIES coordinates identified actions of local and regional authorities supporting the rural innovation in regions. As well as economic sectors, where rural innovators are not yet engaged in a relevant network.

The project coordinates identified SIMSES networks promoting rural innovation solutions. In such a way it will also establish innovative multipoints ‘RURALITIES Hubs’ of expertise and training on rural innovation. This is done via coordinating action for the managing authorities and regional bodies influencing regional and national policy instruments in Italy, the UK, Slovenia, Spain and in Romania.

This project is coordinated by PEDAL Consulting. The project consortium is comprised of PEDAL Consulting and 51 other partners sourced from both Europe and Africa.

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