SEIFA is fostering the European energy security

Due to the current European security situation, the necessity for energy security is evident more than ever. Urgent efforts are needed to effectively replace Europe’s reliance on imported fossil fuels. Energy optimisation and transition to sustainable energy sources will help make Europe self-sufficient and energy independent. This is accomplished through increasing the use of sustainable energy sources, electric transportation, sustainable industrial thermal processes, bioenergy, biogas and hydrogen fuel in place of coal and petroleum, as well as by enhancing energy efficiency.

As noted by Richard Branson, countries will never go to war over renewables, sustainable energy will never interfere with conflict resolution. Furthermore, the sustainable energy transition would aid the globe in its efforts to achieve Net Zero emissions. Correspondingly, governments, businesses, and society are joining efforts to minimise or end their reliance on fossil fuels from adversary countries and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy in pursuit of energy security.

The SEIFA International Consortium coordinated by PEDAL Consulting has been accelerating the flow of investments toward the sustainable transition of industrial enterprises in line with the European Green Deal. Accordingly, the SEIFA project, co-funded by the European Commission, incentivises investments in sustainable energy, accelerates the achievement of climate objectives, and strengthens Europe’s energy security.

The Sustainable Energy Investment Fund (SEIF) being established during the project ensures the attainment of the project’s objectives. At PEDAL Consulting, we recognise the time for a global energy reset, with a special emphasis on Europe’s urgent need for clean and secure energy. Given the gravity of the situation, we will continue our engagement and efforts toward the SEIFA objectives to foster the transition and the repowering of the European energy.

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