SEIFA project in search for potential investable projects in the CEE region

Sustainable Energy Investing and Financing Activation (SEIFA) project was created in 2021 to invest 500M euros in sustainable energy facilities. In 12 countries of the CEE region*, it now plans on opening the pipeline of investable projects into renewable energy and industrial decarbonisation.

Growing industrial and energy sectors will create a significant upside in bringing foreign investments to individual regions. Moreover, it will help to overcome the gap in the sector to reach an environmentally and socially sustainable economic system, boosting the transition to a low-carbon and resource-efficient industrial sector.

The created platform will greatly increase the attractiveness to sustainable energy investing across Europe and beyond, for both – investable projects and investors.

Main benefits of the SEIFA project

Experienced service providers in each Sustainable Energy Investment Fund (SEIF) covered country will add significant value to the investable projects. Throughout their lifetime, they will be periodically evaluated in terms of their development goals and sustainability targets.

Also, the initiative will support investees in the transition towards a low- carbon economy and implementation of more sustainable environmental, social and governance practices. This is done via quarterly due diligence and sustainability assessments within the provided toolkit. The fund performs continuous performance valuation and goals reporting, which helps with the development of sustainable transition and operational value creation plans. 

SEIF investment allows at least 200 GWh/year of primary energy savings generating a 200,000 tCO2-eq/year reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, no less than 2500 GWh/year with at least 2,500,000 tCO2-eq/year emission reduction within 5 years after the project’s end.

Call for companies to take advantage of the SEIFA initiative

The project team actively encourages companies engaged in renewable energy and sustainable production sectors to contact the SEIFA project partners for additional info. We are happy to prepare the value proposition and potential investment.


Donatas Ditkus –

Czech Republic, Slovakia
Miroslav Polacek – 

Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary
Eleonora Ivanova – 

Estonia, Latvia, Poland
Liina Vaher – 

Rainer Kant –

Croatia, Slovenia
Luka Dobrovic – 

SEIFA project in a nutshell:

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*SEIFA countries include: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, and Slovenia