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How does it work?

  1. Firstly, you need to fill out and send us the short questionnaire. PEDAL advisors will contact you as soon as they carefully assess your questionnaire.
  2. In the answer, we will inform you whether we believe that you have a chance to be successful.
  3. If YES, then we will give you an offer of our services. Then you can decide whether you want to continue and submit your applications with PEDAL’s help.
  4. If NO, then we will send you a summary of why we think so. It may be that you just need to change your expectations.
  5. After accepting our offer, we will ask you further questions. Based on your requirements, we will help you find the most suitable university and degree programme for you.
  6. You will also receive manuals on how to prepare the required documents, such as references, personal statement, and others.
  7. When all your documents are checked and ready, PEDAL will submit the applications on your behalf. It will also act as an intermediary in the communication between you and the university.
  8. You will receive responses from universities. Upon successful application, we will help you with the acceptance process.
  9. If you accept an unconditional offer from a university, PEDAL consultants, with personal experience at UK universities, will help you to answer general questions about transition to the United Kingdom.