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The first-hand experience of PEDAL consultants with time-consuming pre-application research sparked the idea to become professionals in this area. Thanks to PEDAL, you do not need to browse hundreds of discussion forums anymore.

The application process leading to a final “unconditional offer” in the United Kingdom is very extensive, and without the right know-how, it also involves a significant time investment. There are more than 100 universities with thousands of different programs, different fees, minimum requirements, and degrees/certificates.

  1. Do I have a chance to be accepted?
  2. What do I need? If I have it, is it correct?
  3. Which university and degree should I choose?
  4. What are the requirements?
  5. Etc.

PEDAL consultants will help you to answer all these questions in order to make the most out of your current academic record. PEDAL will do everything on your behalf and will guide you through the process so you can spend your time studying for tough exams or meeting important work deadlines.

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