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Project management

Are you a non-governmental organisation or a small and/or medium enterprise or research institute? Then you know that the competition for funding and for project calls is extremely tight. However, the multitude of project calls and lack of information often cause the most suitable applicants to miss their opportunity. Don't let this happen to you: right now, there may be an open project tailored to fit your organisation's expertise. We can help you get in touch with all the calls and opportunities.

How should I identify the corresponding call? Where should I look? How should I prepare the project’s proposal? Which documents need to be prepared? How do I submit the project proposal? What is necessary to start the project? Where will the project take place? How long will it last? What is the budget? How do I set it up? Who is in the consortium? What is the role of partners in the project? Who will manage the project? When and how will the project be evaluated and audited? When and how do I get the money for the project?  If you can answer all these questions, you do NOT have to PEDAL.

What do we do better than other consultancy firms?

Based in Brussels, PEDAL consultants have direct contact with the services of the European Commission, which is the major publisher of calls for project proposals. The PEDAL team regularly screens funding opportunities from all its directorate generals and agencies and has a perfect picture of upcoming calls.

Many consultancy firms focus on structural funds. But PEDAL is NOT interested in structural funds (transparency issues, corruption, clienteles, relatively small budgets, etc.). Instead, our primary emphasis is put on community projects, which require direct contact with the European Commission without having to go through the national or regional governments. Since our establishment, PEDAL consultants have prepared and successfully managed over 30 EU-funded projects in different fields of interest.

PEDAL will do the full ‘A to Z’ project management package for you.