SOG-TIM – Trafficking and immigration

PEDAL Consulting was the coordinator of the implementation of an Erasmus+ project “Social Growth on Trafficking and Immigration (SoG-TIM)”. It was actually a pedagogical plan for the training of future social entrepreneurs. The aim being to address the issues of human trafficking, immigration and refugee crisis. 

It predominantly targeted prospective social entrepreneurs, focusing on women and unemployed youth, immigrants, refugees, and survival victims of trafficking. By means of establishing socially innovative, scalable and financially sustainable ventures.

Under the project, different parties were integrated, such as:

  • non-governmental and civil society organizations (addressing above mentioned issues),
  • municipalities and policy makers,
  • sustainable supply chain and fair-trade entrepreneurs, digital entrepreneurs,
  • trainers, incubators and educators,
  • collaborative ventures between ethical consumers and social entrepreneurs.

All of them were invited to co-create value for social innovation that addresses the migration and human trafficking crisis.