In accordance with the Public Procurement Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia for the period 2014-2018, strategic objectives of public procurement reform are as follows:

  1. To reduce irregularities in the public procurement system;
  2. To strengthen competition in the public procurement market;
  3. To increase cost-effectiveness and efficiency of public procurements;
  4. To promote and encourage the environmental and social aspects as well as participation of small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation in public procurements;
  5. To fully harmonize Serbian legislation with the EU acquis in the field of public procurements and to fully implement it in practice.

This Strategy covers the priority areas such as improving the regulatory framework; strengthening the institutional framework; increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the public procurement system as well as eliminating irregularities in the public procurement system.
Activities in the process of harmonisation with acquis communautaire will be focused on specific issues concerning:

  • e-procurement;
  • defining and regulating of public procurement procedures in compliance with the provisions of the relevant Directives;
  • public procurement in the fields of water management, energy, transport and postal services;
  • public procurement in the field of defence and security,

In 2017, the Law on Public Procurement should be revised and modernised in order to ensure full harmonisation with acquis communautaire.

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