In the framework of the Tenderio project coordinated by PEDAL Consulting, we prepared 9 strategies on how SMEs can participate and eventually win public tenders abroad. These strategies were formulated together with the IPPONPPACT and SESAM projects.

Strategy #1

Submission of an “Expression of Interest” and upon the “Invitation to participate to tender” subcontracting or partnering with a company which has not expressed an interest before (and therefore, in many cases is not eligible to bid) and is best positioned to do the job.

Brief explanation of the tactic

There was an expression of interest (pre-qualification notice) published by a procurer inviting a number of service providers to submit their offers for supplying a Media Contact Database for the EFSA in Italy.

Real life example

PEDAL Consulting (SME), located in Slovakia, identified the opportunity and answered the call to the expression of interest based on which it was later invited to prepare the full offer. When preparing the application, this SME did not have the technical expertise to execute the tender. So it looked around Europe for a company best suited to execute the tender. This company was found in England. PEDAL subcontracted this SME to do the job as it was best positioned to implement the tender and tender specifications allowed this. PEDAL won the tender in Italy and they are implementing the project together with the subcontractor in the UK.

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