Ok, so you’ve taken the plunge and have decided to search for tenders abroad. Good! You might even have spotted an interesting tender. Great! But before you dive into the business, one important question – are you eligible to bid for such contracts?

Public tenders are usually accompanied by a wide range of eligibility criteria to make sure that the right businesses are putting forward solutions. These are usually from two different groups of criteria. The first is financials. This is pretty straightforward. It’s likely you’ll be asked about your turnover and positive balance sheet over the last few years, or your insurance policy.

The second group is trickier to comprehend. These criteria will be focused on your actual business experience and operational capabilities. For example, a tender to operate a town’s carparks may require a track record of working on similar contracts in the past. Or bidding for a bus service tender may require ownership of a fleet of buses.

If your company does not fulfill some of the criteria, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about this tender. You can search for partners who meet the criteria and form a consortium together.
This may sound complicated, but don’t worry. Fortunately, there are specialised consultancies (like Tenderio) who actively look for potential partners to build relationships with and help bidders build consortiums. Tenderio has partnered with more than 20 consultancy companies in Europe. Our experience and expertise means that we can help you build a consortium in almost any EU member state.

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