The market demands financing for green energy projects - SEIFA is ready to help


In December, the first Sustainable Energy Investing and Financing Activation (SEIFA) Advisory Board Meeting was held online, hosted by PEDAL Consulting as the project coordinator.

Sector experts from the 12 SEIFA targeted countries in the CEE region, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, discussed several important points, such as:

1.Sustainable Energy Investment Fund (SEIF) and its value proposition towards investors

SEIF is one of the first funds focusing on sustainable and green finance established in Luxembourg. There are promising indications that SEIF could stimulate discussions among policymakers and other financial stakeholders, leading to increased interest and support for green financing.

2.The SEIFA Value Proposition for Investable Projects 

The Advisory Board members particularly appreciate the mezzanine option, which could provide a cash or equity complement for developers who have secured a project but are not able to provide enough financial guarantees to finalize the investment. This option would be particularly valuable for several markets in the CEE region.

Additionally, several attractive investment opportunities were brought into the discussion that could eventually make part of the SEIF portfolio.

The feedback and advice provided by the Advisory Board members is greatly appreciated by the SEIFA consortium and is being integrated to make SEIFA’s positive impact even greater.

SEIFA project in a nutshell:

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