Three new Horizon Europe grants approved for PEDAL Consulting

It´s not Christmas yet but we have already received our presents!

At the very end of this year PEDAL Consulting has managed to secure another Horizon Europe (HE) projects to be implemented as of 2023. Thus, the total number of HE initiatives in our portfolio from 2022 reaches 15.

For now, let us disclose some basic information on the new initiatives:

  1. Project 1 will be focusing on fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food systems with the total budget of 6,060,897.27M euros.
  2. Project 2 will aim at circular economy and bioeconomy sectors with the allocated budget of 5,964,610 euros.
  3. Project 3 will be targeting at cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition with the overall budget of 5,726,990 euros.


More detailed information will be available once the Grant Agreements will have been signed, app. in the first quarter of the next year.

In this way, we are delighted to reconfirm PEDAL Consulting´s position of the top national Horizon Europe/Horizon 2020 SME performer.

All projects implemented by PEDAL Consulting and our partners can be found here.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash