When you hit an important milestone, it is important not to rest but keep the fire burning. Even after the unprecedented successes a few weeks ago, the team at PEDAL rolled up their sleeves and managed to secure two new Horizon Europe grants in the field of Public Procurement of Innovations, which puts the number of projects secured by PEDAL in the year 2022 at 6. This success builds on previously secured projects by PEDAL on the same topic – namely Tenderio – and PRONTO – .

  • BUILD – Building Capacities in Innovation Procurement for Cities

The PEDAL coordinated consortium, consisting of six partners from four different countries (Slovakia, Finland, Estonia and Netherlands), has secured a budget of EUR 500,000 with the project Building Capacities In Innovation Procurement for Cities (BUILD). The project aims to address the challenges of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) to unlock its full potential. BUILD will encourage knowledge sharing between public buyers and enhance their innovation knowledge and skills. On top of that, the project will establish synergies with research and innovation projects with focus on fostering PPI. Finally, BUILD will drive faster adoption of innovation among public sector users and simultaneously promoting economic growth.

  • PROCEDIN – Procurement Capability for Embedding and Driving Innovation

The Universiteit Twente coordinated consortium, consisting of PEDAL and other three organizations sourced from five different European Countries, has secured a budget of EUR 500,000 with the project PROcurement Capability for Embedding and Driving INnovation (PROCEDIN). The project aims to accelerate the Procurement of Innovation (POI) in a specific domain covering two critical areas of innovation – circular economy and green mobility – in the context of European cities’ innovation for sustainability and resilience agendas. The consortium will leverage existing resources and its members’ extensive, pan-European professional networks to enhance and mobilize POI motivation, knowledge, and skills. Particular attention will be given to promoting enduring access to, and increased uptake of, POI guidance and learning resources for buyers and vendors, and to build leadership capacity for driving and embedding innovation through strategic procurement.

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Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash