Uniting European Initiatives for Sustainable Finance

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable finance, collaboration and convergence of ideas are paramount. Thus, PEDAL Consulting is delighted that the SEIFA initiative is joining forces with the STAGE project. As both initiatives share common goals and methodologies, this collaboration holds the promise of driving even greater progress towards a sustainable future.


SEIFA: Empowering Sustainable Finance in Europe 
The SEIFA project (Sustainable Energy Investing and Financing Activation) stands as a testament to the European commitment to create a greener, more sustainable world. With its focus on incentivizing private equity investments in the decarbonization of the industrial built environment, SEIFA echoes the objectives of the wider sustainable finance movement. Across 8 European countries, our consortium of partners, including IQEQ Luxembourg, Praxio Law & Tax, and more, works cohesively to create an investment platform supporting sustainable energy companies and industrial enterprises.

As the SEIFA operates with an investors-first approach, we place environmental impact and risk-adjusted rate of return at the core of our endeavors. Upholding the highest standards of integrity, we empower investors to drive positive change, combat climate change, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Complex Help to Companies with Transition to Sustainability
Initiated in June 2022, the STAGE project (Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise) is committed to equipping enterprises for a sustainable future. It offers bespoke tools and resources to facilitate this transition. As a European research & development initiative, the STAGE empowers businesses to lead the way in a green economy.

The STAGE program extends valuable advantages to enterprises across the UK and Europe. These include complimentary business assessment tools, transition planning resources, and access to comprehensive training programs that can lead to financial and investment support. The High-Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute plays a crucial role in developing assessment tools, transformation frameworks, and training materials.

STAGE Forum: Uniting Synergistic Initiatives  
The STAGE Forum is an event organized by the STAGE project. It is a result of its commitment to fostering collaboration and sharing insights within the realm of sustainable finance. The SEIFA initiative is happy to take part since it seeks to boost private equity investments in sustainable endeavors.

With a striking alignment of goals and methodologies, the SEIFA and the STAGE hold the potential to complement and enrich each other’s efforts. Both initiatives acknowledge the crucial role of private equity investments and sustainable practices in shaping a resilient and ecologically sound future. By joining forces, the SEIFA together with the STAGE exemplify the spirit of unity that Europe embraces in the journey toward sustainability.

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